The United World Commonwealth

Quick Stats
  • Capital: The Free City
  • Also Known As: The Commonwealth
  • Government Type: Democratic Republic, Constitutional
  • Leadership: Ruling Council, Luminary: N/A
  • Race: Neutral
  • Location: Central Elas
Short Description

The United World Commonwealth, more commonly known as simply The Commonwealth, is a racially neutral nation centered around Lake Elas and the river that feeds it. It borders each major nation and acts as a sort of buffer zone working to help prevent any territorial disputes between rival races.


The Commonwealth is governed buy a ruling council of representatives from each nation/race in Elas. The council consists of two representatives from each race and in times of emergency will name a single Luminary to hasten diplomatic decisions. This has happened only a few times in history and each time it has been one of the Halflings as they are renown for their diplomatic neutrality and pacifism. Each time the Luminary has voluntarily stepped down without any resistance once the time of need has passed.


The Commonwealth, and its capital The Free City, are open to people of any race, gender, or belief. The strict laws enforced by the CPI ensure that everyone who is registered as a citizen is allowed all the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. As a result, many who have seen and despise the horrors of wars past flock to The Commonwealth seeking a safer and more enjoyable life. Here is is common to see people from all corners of the world fraternize. Open trade and a general air of being a safe haven has done wonders for drawing in travelers who seek to sell their good for some outrageous price. This in turn has also worked to draw in the Dwarves. Their World Trade League has grown and prospered after the war ended and The Commonwealth was established. Because of this it is common to see Dwarves and Halflings working together since the two races play rather large roles in everyday life in the Commonwealth. The halflings orchestrate negotiations and the Dwarves provide security and trade opportunities.


The Commonwealth is centered around Lake Elas and the river system that feeds into it. Around the lake, spanning miles and miles, lies the lush hills and plains that form the majority of the Commonwealth’s lands. Farming is a major industry with Commonwealth farmers providing 100% of their own food and generating over 20% of the exported food for the neighboring nations. The cities and villages are pinnacles of civilization, being the newest and most technologically advanced nation (due to the Dwarve’s investments primarily). Life here is peaceful and luxurious, many can find comforts unknown to much of the rest of the world here, for a price. Also falling in the borders of the Commonwealth is Mt. Elas which stands as the tallest natural landmark in the world. This gigantic mountain is home to a large Dwarven population and is the center of many of their mining operations. Along the river stretch forests that offer numerous locations for vacation homes and villas. With a steady source of freshwater, food, and resources, The Commonwealth has prospered the most during the Age of Peace.

The United World Commonwealth

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