The Kingdom of Kreinor

Quick Stats
  • Capital: Valheln
  • Also Known As: Kreinor, The Kingdom
  • Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy, Patriarchal
  • Leadership: Executor Marcus Torel, Advisory Council (7 Member Council)
  • Race: Human (Primary) Dwarven, Elven (Secondary)
  • Location: North-Eastern Elas
Short Description

Kreinor lies in the cooler climates of the northern mountains where the desert meets the polar ice and creates a small strip of habitable land. Here the human race began and has grown into a powerful kingdom. Kreinor holds one of the few known passes through the northern mountains and is the primary exporter of Northern Ice, a magical material of extraordinary power.


The Kingdom of Kreinor has grown and developed into a more modernized monarchy, thanks to growing relations with the Dwarves and the Halflings. Currently, Kreinor is ruled by a single Exarch along with a Council of 7 advisers. Previously Kreinor had been a very militaristic and relatively aggressive monarchy however after the war was ended the population began to demand more rights and a more peaceful government. The Halflings led discussions into reformations and what arose is the current government. Additionally, the Kingdom has been working closely with the Dwarves in joint military training operations, training human soldiers in the use of Dwarven technology. This has come under heated debate by the population however the project has only recently produced the first unit, the 1st Rifle Corps.


Human society has, for many years, been a harsh one. Originating in the harsh mountain regions of the north, Humans grew into a large and sturdy people. Often seen by outsiders as simple and brutish, Humans have striven to undo their stereotype and are becoming more and more active in international politics and improving their technology by trading heavily with the dwarves. Humans value strength and perseverance in their lives. Their architecture resembles that of the earth, sturdy and simplistic. Not a race focused on luxuries, humans only seek to carve out a better name for themselves and prove they are more than just the brutes they have been seen as in the past. Human society also has a sort of honor code, disputes originally were decided in honor combat however the practice has died out in recent times (despite still being a legal course of action) due to the urge to become more “western.” Additionally, male youths traditionally had to endure a right of passage where they ventured to the ice slopes of the north to mine their first piece of northern ice which represents a boy’s transition into manhood. Males who complete the challenge proudly wear the piece in a necklace ans proof of their strength. More recently however, the same tradition has been growing more and more rare as human society becomes more similar to that of the “peaceful” races.


The Kingdom of Kreinor stretches across the eastern deserts and up through to the northern polar regions. To the south, towns and cities are scattered oases across the hot, burning sands of the Red Desert. The cities are centers for trade, commonly sprouting forth from old military outposts from the wars. Closer to the natural wells of the cities, the sands meld into softer and greener lands, suitable for a meager amount of farming, enough to sustain a small populace (much less than the current populations in most of the towns thanks to modern commerce). In the northern regions of Kreinor the sands are pushed back by growing amounts of forest that forms a thin line between the desert and the northern mountains. Villages here are commonly richer and frequently are home to more prominent members of the government or other VIPs. Finally, past the mountains bordering the north side of Kreinor, lies the capital city of Valheln, also known as the City of Ice or the Ice City because of its location deep withing an intricate cavern system carved into the northern ice field of the northern polar regions. It is here where Kreinor’s primary export, Northern Ice is mined and processed. The city, lying in the furthest reaches of the world, is the most fortified city in the world, the humans’ last line of defense, Valheln’s walls have never been breached.

The Kingdom of Kreinor

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